We love to hear from our patients. Below are some recent testimonials - Thank you!

"What a marvelous doctor you are. Not only are you a wonderful surgeon (the lip is healing beautifully and I know there will be no scar at all) but a warm, empathetic, engaging human being who treats a patient with grace and patience and understanding, a rare trait these days. As I mentioned to you, you have an old fashioned beside manner with which we grew up and were accustomed. it was a pleasure to have been with you, I felt supremely safe and in good hands, and as I said I almost looked forward to coming back! Your staff was also a delight!"

"The quality of service and care is exceptional, from scheduling the appointment to the surgery and follow-up. Thank you all."

"Your staff is great! I have never been to a Doctor's office with a staff that could compare. Thank you all.

"I heard great things about your practice but the office still managed to exceed my expectations! I'm very happy with the procedure and it is healing really nicely. Thank you for your kindness, professionalism and warmth. I'll certainly be recommending you to others."

"From my first visit to your website to my final visit, I found your clinical operation to be superior to similar medical services I have experienced in the U.S. and abroad."

"Your website is rare in that it actually works. I had never heard of Mohs surgery, and the site provided sufficient essential and useful information so that I had no need to search the web or to telephone your office with questions prior to making my initial appointment. Your office could not be more comfortable. Your office staff is most welcoming, attentive, and efficient. Your nursing staff is competent, caring and efficient. The overall patient care was such that I had no qualms whatsoever at any point, and no concerns about the efficacy of my treatment. I should mention that my surgery was undertaken during the recuperative period of a long and serious illness, at a time when I was not feeling my usual healthy self; yet, unexpectedly, I was comfortable throughout. I am, therefore, very grateful to all of you."

"Thank you so much for your excellent care, both with the surgery itself as well as the follow-up care. All too often in our busy days we, as physicians, certainly may hear a few criticisms about ourselves or our staff, but not enough in the way of praise for excellent work. You and your staff, from front office to back office, performed their duties very well, being both professional and personal. It has been a pleasure, even under circumstances, to meet you and be your patient. To all, congratulations on a job well done."

"Thank you so much for your expertise and fine care of me. Your office and staff are tremendous and I believe it is a reflection of your management skills. I will be happy to refer my friends if they are ever in need of Mohs."

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